Weekly update 26/05/2023
26 May 2023
Weekly update 19/05/2023
19 May 2023
Weekly update 12/05/2023
12 May 2023
Weekly update 05/05/2023
05 May 2023
Weekly update 28/04/2023
28 Apr 2023
Weekly update 21/04/2023
21 Apr 2023
Update for Summer Term
31 Mar 2023
Weekly update 24.03.23
24 Mar 2023
Weekly update 17/03/23
17 Mar 2023
Weekly update 10/03/2023
10 Mar 2023
Yellow weather warning for snow
08 Mar 2023
Weekly Updates
08 Jan 2023






Weekly Updates

08 Jan 2023

Weekly Updates
Communicating with our families is very important to us but we do know that too many emails and messages can be difficult to keep track of!  For this reason, we aim to send out just one email each Friday with all the information you will need for the following week.  These updates are also posted here so that you can refer back to them or print them off should you wish to:

  -Weekly Update 24.03.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 24.03.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 17.03.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 17.03.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 10.03.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 10.03.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 3.03.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 3.03.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 24.02.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 24.02.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 10.02.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 10.02.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 3.02.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 3.02.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 27.01.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 27.01.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 20.01.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 20.01.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 13.01.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Update 13.01.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  

  -Weekly Updates 6.01.23.pdf-  

  -Weekly Updates 6.01.23 UKRAINE.pdf-  
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